Personnel protective equipment/ Safety Apparel keeps your employees safe and productive. At Maverick we offer the latest and greatest safety equipment and apparel. We constantly strive to find the best products and brands for our customers.

We frequently perform on-site evaluations to address injury prone activities. Experience matters! Do you need a glove that is cut resistant? How about one that is heat resistant? What type of glove is best for puncture resistance? What cut level glove is my glove certified? These are all types of questions your service person can you help with. Maverick regularly attends safety expositions and our personnel are put through rigorous training on glove and safety apparel.

Maverick also offers many different lines of PPE. Do you have a particular brand that you want? No problem Maverick can get almost any line of PPE equipment or apparel.

Looking for MRO equipment? We have that too. We sell all kinds of Maintenance, Repair, and Operations equipment. We sell everything from grinders to shop fans. Give us a try. If you don’t see what you are looking for just give us a call.

We also offer large volume customer discounts. Just contact our customer service and we will prequalify you for a large volume discount. You can also use our frequent shopper basket as well; making it easier for you to reorder supplies.