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All about Backflow Inspections and why you need to have them done for yourself, your employees, and your community.

Backflows at your building keep hazards and contaminants from city main, the drinking water in your building and the drinking water that your neighbors use. Backflow is the undesirable reverse flow of non-potable (non-drinkable) water or other substances that can contaminate the drinking or public water system due to a cross connection in the piping. Preventing backflows is important for protecting drinking water quality.

If your water tastes terrible suddenly or if your backflow has a steady stream of water leaking out of it, you’ll want it inspected by a company like Maverick Fire and Safety.

Annual Backflow Inspection – The State of Texas requires a Backflow inspection once a year. This is where the pressure is tested. The Equipment used for this test and the tech needs to be registered with the State and the City or County.

5-year Backflow Inspection – The State of Texas also requires a more in-depth inspection every 5 years in which the backflow is opened up. It’s best to schedule this in the Fall if possible. Extreme weather can cause the backflow to expand or contract making it difficult to put back together after the internal inspection.

Monthly Backflow Inspection – If your business uses more water than normal or conducts water usage in a way that is likely to contaminate the environment more quickly than others, the local municipalities may require a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually backflow inspection.

Where to find your backflow – The Backflow(s) may be located right outside your building adjacent to the riser room. It is sometimes installed inside your riser room where your fire sprinkler system starts and your fire alarm panel is mounted.


Different types of Backflows – Most buildings have more than 1.

Fire line Backflow– Prevents water from the Fire Sprinkler system from mixing with the drinking water and protects your health and your neighbor’s health. More info here:

Domestic Backflow – Homes that have a fire sprinkler system will also have a Fire Line domestic backflow system that is Similar to the Fire Line Backflow.

Irrigation Backflow – a cross connection from your lawn sprinkler system to the main water line. It prevents Potable water from mixing with and contaminating you and your neighbors drinking water. More at this link.

The different parts that can wear out on your backflow.

  • Double check assemblies
  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Reducing pressure assemblies
  • Spill resistant pressure vacuum breaker
backflow preventer

A sign that your backflow is malfunctioning – RP and PVB have water coming out of it. Check it monthly with a visual inspection, spitting water is ok but, a steady leak is not, this means it is releasing contaminants.

Every time you do work on a Backflow it’s required to be retested and resubmitted

State requires it once a year. We can help.

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