Understanding the Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

When it comes to fire sprinkler installation in Houston, there are various types of sprinkler systems available to your property or business. Each is designed to meet specific needs and conditions, so it’s important for owners to make informed decisions. Our fire sprinkler contractors understand the differences between these systems and will help guide you through this process. If you need a contractor to be sent to your property or business in the Houston Metroplex, call Maverick Fire and Safety at (832)653-2598 or fill out a form here.

In this blog, we will explore the various fire sprinkler systems and highlight their unique features that are available to you.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Installation

1. Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

These fire sprinkler systems are most common and widely used by businesses.These systems have pipes that are filled with water at all times. Once a fire is detected, heat will cause the sprinkler heads to activate allowing the water to be immediately discharged. This system is extremely reliable due to its simplicity. Contact us if you’d need a fire sprinkler contractor sent to your property.

Some advantages include immediate water discharge, simple design and repairs, and cost-effectiveness for various types of buildings. Most ideal for office building, schools, and/or residential properties. If your business may need a wet pipe fire sprinkler installation, contact Maverick Fire and Safety with over 25 years of experience at (832)653-2598.

2. Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

Dry pipe systems are typically designed for environments at risk of freezing. Instead of these pipes being filled with water, they are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen instead. Once a fire triggers the system, pressure drops, and water will begin to flow into the pipes and out through any activated sprinkler heads.

An advantage of these will keep your pipes from freezing and is most suitable for unheated spaces such as warehouses, parking garages, and other unheated buildings where temperature can drop below freezing. If you need a fire sprinkler contractor sent to any of your properties give Maverick Fire and Safety a call, or fill a form on the contact page. Contact us for expert fire sprinkler installation in Houston, when experience matters. 

3. Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

This fire sprinkler system combines elements from both wet and dry pipe systems. These systems will have two triggers before any water is released: the fire detection system must sense a fire, then the individual sprinkler heads must be activated in conjunction. The two trigger systems will prevent any accidental discharge from occurring. This will allow for reduced risk of water damage and most ideal for protecting valuable assets. These are typically found at data centers, museums, and libraries. If you need a fire sprinkler installation for valuable assets, call us to have a fire sprinkler contractor sent to your property or business in the greater Houston area at (832)653-2598.

4. Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

Deluge systems are similar to pre-action systems in a way, but with an essential difference: all sprinkler heads are open, and they release water simultaneously to when the system is activated. This system is typically used in high-hazard areas when fire suppression is crucial. A key advantage to this system is the immediate and extensive water coverage. Mostly found at chemical plants, aircraft hangars, and industrial facilities with highly flammable liquids. Contact Maverick Fire and Safety for expert fire sprinkler installation, our experienced fire sprinkler contractors covers all of Houston. (832)653-2598.

5. Foam Water Sprinkler Systems

Foam water systems use both water and foam concentrate to extinguish any fires, especially ones involving flammable liquids. The foam will smother fire and prevent re-ignition from occurring. Found at fuel storage areas, aircraft hangars, industrial sites etc. Contact Maverick Fire and Safety for expert fire sprinkler installation, our experienced fire sprinkler contractors covers all of the Houston area. (832)653-2598.

There are many factors when considering the right fire sprinkler system for a property or business. However, at Maverick Fire and Safety, our fire sprinkler contractors will visit any location within the Houston Metroplex to tailor to your unique needs. If you need our services, contact us (832)653-2598 or fill out a form here.