Common Fire Sprinkler Head Repairs and Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems are imperative for protecting properties and loved ones, but they do require regular maintenance and occasionally repairs will need to occur. Which our fire sprinkler contractors can help with, but there are common issues in relation to sprinkler heads, such as being painted over, rust occurring, leaks, and even from weather. Below we’ll discuss some of the most common issues our fire sprinkler contractors come across, during or after fire sprinkler installation. If you are interested in Maverick Fire and Safety services in Houston, give us a call at (832)653-2598.

One of the most common repairs needed is from sprinkler heads being painted over. Accidents happen, however these can occur during routine maintenance or even renovations. The paint can clog small openings found on the sprinkler heads preventing it from operating correctly if a fire were to occur. Which our fire sprinkler contractors can carefully clean and replace entirely if needed. Give us a call if you need assistance in Houston, our contractors are experts in fire sprinkler installation. (832)653-2598

Another common repair is rusted sprinkler heads, this can happen in high humidity environments where moisture is present. The rust will only weaken the metal but can eventually clog the sprinkler heads. Regular inspections are needed to identify any signs of rust early, and when detected, our fire sprinkler contractors can replace them immediately.

Leaky sprinkler heads and/or pipes are fairly common, and normally are a sign of other issues being present. These can range from damaged seals, corrosion, or even improper installation. These leaks can reduce your properties water pressure, preventing your fire system from operating at full capacity. If you have noticed any leaks on your property, or need a maintenance check from one of our fire sprinkler contractors, give Maverick Fire and Safety a call at (832)653-2598.

Another common issue can be found in riser rooms. The riser room, which is the main control valve for sprinkler systems, must be properly maintained. At times they can be susceptible to extreme temperatures and humidity, which can cause damage to components. Regular fire inspections in Houston should include checking valves, gauges, and other equipment present in the room.

Even with regular maintenance being done to your fire sprinkler systems, metal components are still prone to wearing down. Over time, metal pipes and sprinkler heads can corrode, be clogged from mineral deposits, or even rust from any leaks being present. These sprinkler systems lifespans vary depending on the environment but regularly replacing these parts can maintain a system’s effectiveness. Regular testing and inspections can help business or property owners in Houston determine when parts need to be replaced, if you need an experienced fire sprinkler contractor, call us at (832)653-2598.